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Thai-dye was made to kill

Awesome repoposal  from the client's leather Thai-dye  jacket into a bohemian unique shoulder bag. We added brown vintage leather, a mule's strap dated [...]

Cool summer topic…let’s talk about it :)

We're getting ready for winter. Check-out this lapin bag from vintage winter fur and 1970's leather jacket. Cozy everyday or short trips bag.Unisex [...]

Glitter and Gloss

Inspired by a paillette T shirt, this is the handbag we were able to create. We also reused a military black leather jacket [...]

Vi presento Mimmo

This is Mimmo, Silent People's mascotte. The cutest and friendliest volture you'll ever meet! Non a caso siamo un marchio fuori dagli schemi, [...]

Enjoy the Summer

Our promo bag is travelling around the world. Made from a military pillow cover in hemp cloth. Dimensions: height 65cm, length 45cm. Ask [...]

When things get personal

So, let's add a couple of  black swarovski studs to enrich a young lady's custom bag and give it an edgey look.  When [...]

Slow Fashion in movimento

In contro tendenza alla ormai, naturale abitudine di giornate frenetiche ed iper impegnate sta nascendo lo slow lifestyle che, immancabilmente si affianca allo [...]

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