Peeking out from the window of our showroom and making a trip around the world showing what we’ve been able to do through that spaceship called internet,  makes me go back to the years of America’s colorful 1970’s where revolutionary matchings and shapes were part of a new lifestyle.  The need for freedom had to materialized somehow.  Me, I belong now to the 2020’s and can still feel what young people longed for many years ago. By upcycling this long printed velvet skirt which was very much in fashion at the time, into an innovative bucket bag makes me feel closer to those years, makes me feel closer to that state of mind and allows me to share sensations. Recycling, in many different faces can avoid waste, it can give birth to new products, and it can repurpose past currents of thoughts. So, when we create a new style from vintage stuff, it feels like we’re giving  past a new possibility.