When sensations come to your mind, they bring up memories you thought forgotten: a smell, a sight, a song, a jacket -a jacket;  “Remember that concert with your favorite suede jacket..?” Sweet nostalgic moments, a whole period of your life comes back so quickly that you live them for a second time, with the same intensity as the first. The same bright colors, the same sunny day, all your friends together and that strange tickle in your stomach. What a blast!! Good vibes and good memories..!

Well, why not give those moments a second chance keeping you company forever?

You can tell your story through our creativity if you allow us to make a new handbag by upcycling your old jacket.

This is what we call sustainable fashion. The starting point will be one of your beloved garments, it will be studied or you can choose your style and we will work on it and assemble it into an awesome new handbag or backpack, messenger bag etc. You’ll give  your vintage garment, left somewhere in your wardrobe, a new opportunity to walk by your side. You’ll live new experiences, you might also attend another concert and most of all, you’ll  be ready to take new happy snaps with your brand new bag.

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